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Clinical Services

Activity Therapy

The activities therapy program provided for inpatient includes a variety of services to meet the physical, social, cultural and recreational health maintenance and rehabilitation needs of each patient. These services assist in the formation and development of new behavior patterns, problem-solving abilities, and the internalization of healthy adaptive responses to internal and environmental stressors.

Consultation and Referrals

The attending medical staff is responsible for requesting consultations when indicated. Members of the consulting staff are used for these services unless the services are not immediately available or additional outside expert opinions are needed. A satisfactory consultation includes examination of the patient and documentation of findings and follow-up in the medical record.

Diagnostic Testing and Procedures

Alliance Health Center provides for limited diagnostic tests and procedures within the facility. Other diagnostic tests, including radiology, EEG, emergency and laboratory services, are provided by contracted services.

Dietary Services

Dietary services are available to all patients seven days a week with three meals per day during regularly scheduled hours for all patients. Nutritious snacks are available in unit galleys. The Dietary Department also provides meals for staff at economical rates.

Patients are served nutritionally balanced meals planned under the supervision of a registered dietician and in accordance with the written orders of the attending psychiatrist. Special consideration is made in food preparation and appealing presentation. Individual patient food preferences and nutritional needs are also taken into consideration. The dietician provides consultation and education of patients on special diets.

The dietary department provides services under the direction of the food service manager with consultation and direction by a contract dietician.

Education Services

Education services are provided to children and adolescents in a classroom or study room environment. For most inpatients, educational assistance is provided in a tutorial mode with a goal of maintaining the patient's school level and improving study skills. Patients with longer lengths of stay will receive individualized instruction with certified teachers in small classroom settings and, if needed, a comprehensive evaluation of abilities and aptitude, as well as an assessment for any academic deficits or learning disabilities. An individualized education plan may be implemented based upon patient need, ability and the treatment plan.

Emergency Services

The medical staff provides emergency psychiatric and medical services 24 hours a day. A written plan for management of medical and psychiatric emergencies has been developed to provide emergency services to those patients requiring immediate medical evaluation and treatment for urgent conditions. The plan includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • An agreement with the local hospitals provide for transfer of any patient in need of treatment for an urgent medical condition that cannot be treated by Alliance Health Center.
  • The attending physician or on-call physician shall authorize the use of emergency services and secure an accepting physician at the receiving facility.
  • The nursing supervisor shall assure administrative approval from Alliance Health Center and the receiving facility, assure that a memorandum of transfer is completed, the accepting facility has been notified, and the patient’s family or significant other has been informed of the need for emergency treatment.

Medical Services

A qualified physician under the direction of the admitting psychiatrist may provide medical services. The consulting physician is responsible for a complete medical history and general physical examination. Clinically appropriate diagnostic tests will be provided as indicated from the medical history and clinical evaluation. The physician is also responsible for the diagnostic work-up and test evaluation of any detected or suspected medical disorders, as well as their clinical management. Qualified medical specialists may be requested to consult on the care of any patient with specific medical needs.

Nursing Services

Nursing care services are organized under the direction of the nurse executive as defined in the hospital plan for nursing care. Registered nurses, licensed practical/vocational nurses, and mental health technicians who are qualified by education and experience to assume the responsibilities for patient care provide nursing care. The primary goal of nursing service is to provide planned, comprehensive, therapeutic, safe and consistent nursing care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Psychiatric nursing is a specialized area of professional nursing practice, which employs theories of human behavior and interpersonal relationships. One of the primary activities of nursing staff is the establishment of a trusting, therapeutic relationship with individual patients accomplished through daily, consistent contact.

Psychiatric Services

Each program is directed by a board certified or board eligible psychiatrist or addictionologist who is responsible for the planning, supervision, and implementation of clinical services for patients. This physician is responsible for the quality of the total treatment delivered to patients of the program. The director works with other qualified physicians or addictionologists who directly treat, supervise, participate in management and/or staffing conferences, and work in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team responsible for the patient’s care.

The service director renders clinical supervision for the program and clinical staff, who are providing direct psychiatric services to patients. Each attending psychiatrist or addictionologist attends treatment planning meetings to develop and update treatment plans of his patients and is also responsible for the total medical management of the patient.

Social Services

Social workers assume a responsible role in the delivery of clinical services as described elsewhere in this plan.

The detection of abnormalities of speech, language and hearing are part of the assessment by the consulting physician and attending physician. Comprehensive assessment and necessary treatment for any abnormality by a qualified clinician will be arranged upon written physician order.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmaceutical services are provided at the facility by licensed pharmacists through an agreement with a pharmacy management company. The pharmacists perform all aspects of medication management and work closely with the medical team to provide safe and effective medication therapy for our patients.

Pastoral Services

If requested by the patient, pastoral services will be provided by the facility through contact with local ministers.

Every Sunday Alliance Health Center gives patients and staff the opportunity to gather and worship in conjunction with activity therapy. A dedicated group of pastors, ministers and church members from the community volunteer their time and service to make this opportunity possible at Alliance. Each week, every unit of the facility is encouraged to bring their patients to the Sunday morning service at 8:30 a.m., with a weekly attendance averaging about 50 percent of the patients.

“Spirituality is an important aspect of improving a person’s quality of life,” said Bill Patterson, chief executive officer of Alliance. “At Alliance, our staff knows this goes hand in hand with hope, healing and recovery. We are focused on treating the person as a whole.”

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