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Delivery Methods

Individualized treatment is based on the findings of the completed assessments and is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of professional staff. This team includes, but is not limited to, the psychiatrist, psychologist, addictionologist, nursing staff, social services staff, dietitian, recreational therapist and educational staff. The primary objective of the treatment team is the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the patient in an environment that promotes positive behavioral change. This may include, but is not limited to, the following therapeutic modalities:

Individual Therapy

The purpose of individual therapy is to assist the patient to gain a dynamic understanding of emotional and/or behavioral problems that have led to his present life situation. The goal of individual therapy is to help the patient attain a more appropriate and rewarding psychosocial adjustment to facilitate psychological comfort, goals and aspirations. A qualified counselor, psychiatrist, therapist or social worker conducts individual therapy.

Group Therapy

The group process is utilized to help alleviate interpersonal and social dysfunction, to develop communication and relationship skills, to develop identity with allegiance to peers and to foster pro-treatment attitudes and behaviors. Other goals of the group include development of group cohesion, reality testing within age-appropriate limits, interpersonal learning, role communication, and developing insight into the interrelationships between internalized feelings and externalized behavior.

Family Therapy

Implicit in the treatment philosophy is the importance of parental and family involvement in the total treatment program. A dysfunctional family system is usually a significant aspect of the total pathology of the identified patient. The family is involved in treatment to address the pertinent issues within the family system. The goal is to restore or maintain a healthy family system to provide for the continued emotional growth and well-being of the identified patient.

Therapeutic Recreation

Assists the patient in working on psychological and physical development through involvement in structured and unstructured activities. The patient is assessed for level of functioning and therapeutic needs.

Educational Therapy

Provided by certified teachers or other qualified staff who assess each patient’s educational needs. Learning opportunities, when clinically appropriate, are provided to enable each student to stay current with missed schoolwork and to remediate specific academic deficiencies. Department staff work closely with the patient’s home school and strive to continue the course work of the student through ongoing communication with the home school.

Milieu Therapy

Provides a predictable, structured and safe treatment setting. Uniform and consistent limits, set by the clinical staff, assist in the management of behaviorally expressed feelings. Specific emphasis is placed on the learning of appropriate behavior. Clinical staff act as role models and help patients through daily routines such as mealtimes and bedtime. Interpersonal skills in building and maintaining appropriate relationships with peers and authority figures are stressed. Patients and treatment staff meet in community sessions in all treatment programs.

The adolescent and child programs utilize a level system in order to promote a clear reflection of the patient’s progress and provide specific feedback to the patient about how effective he is handling personal responsibility.

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