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Treatment Methods

Alliance Health Center in Meridian, MS, offers adolescent, adult and geriatric inpatient programs, medical detoxification, dual diagnosis, and partial hospitalization. Each program has a multidisciplinary approach to treatment planning. Those involved in the treatment planning process, based on the program, may include the patient’s physician, nursing staff, social workers, counselors, certified substance abuse counselors, mental health technicians, teachers and activity therapists. The team is responsible for development of the individualized treatment plan and the review and evaluation of ongoing treatment.

Preliminary Treatment Plan

The primary nurse, physician or designee initiates the preliminary treatment plan upon admission. It is based on the intake assessment, nursing assessment and physician’s orders. It includes the following:

  • Identification of initial problems, symptomatic behavior of the problem, and assessment of the cause of the problem
  • Goals of treatment
  • Measurable short-term objectives based on the goals of treatment
  • Therapeutic approaches (interventions) to be used with the patient
  • Accountable members of the treatment team.

Master Treatment Plan

The master treatment plan is formalized no later than three days after admission for acute care. The treatment plan is a reflection of our philosophy of treatment and incorporates interdisciplinary input and collaboration of all team members. It includes the following:

  • Identification of physical, psychological and social problems the patient is experiencing
  • Prioritization of patient needs and care
  • Achievable long-term goals of treatment stated in behavioral terms
  • Measurable short-term goals stated in behavioral terms that will reflect progress toward the goal achievement
  • Therapeutic approaches (interventions) used by each discipline to assist the patient in meeting the treatment goals
  • The individual or discipline accountable for assisting the patient with the therapeutic approaches
  • Patient progress in meeting the treatment plan goals is documented in the progress notes. The nursing staff and case manager, or therapist in the outpatient settings, are responsible for noting the treatment method, as well as decisions and revisions of the treatment plan by the treatment team, both at meetings and on an ongoing basis.

The patient, and family when appropriate, is encouraged to participate in the treatment planning process by providing input and acknowledging agreement with the plan in writing. Conflicts in care decisions and resolutions of dilemmas about care decisions are addressed cooperatively by the team members and the patient and/or family.

Treatment plans are reassessed by the team at regular intervals and revised as needed.

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