Frequently Asked Questions

What does Alliance Health Center treat?

  • Adolescent Program for Males “The Bridges” and Females “Reflections” ages 12 – 17
  • Adolescent RTC “The Crossings” and “The Crossroads” School
  • Adult Acute Care Program for Severe Mental Health Disorders “Connections”
  • Adult Program “Journeys” for Depression, PTSD, Bi-Polar, etc.
  • Inpatient Addiction Services including Detox and Dual Diagnosis “Pathways”
  • Outpatient Addiction/Dual Diagnosis “New Leaf Recovery” PHP and IOP
  • Geriatric Program “Milestones” for Signs and Symptoms of Dementia and Depression

What will treatment be like?

Welcome to Alliance Health Center. The purpose of this information sheet is to help you better understand our therapeutic process and hopefully ease your worries about what to expect while in treatment. If at any time you have any questions, please ask a staff member.


What to expect in the first 8 hours:


Once you have completed the admission paperwork, you will be brought to the unit which will best meet your needs. The decision on which unit you go to is based on the general information that is gathered during your initial assessment. As time goes by and we gather more specific information, you may be moved to another unit which better suits you. Once on the unit, you will be searched by staff to ensure no contraband has been brought into the hospital. Then the nurse will do an in-depth evaluation and assessment and will give you an orientation to the unit.


What to expect in the first 24 hours:


You will see both the medical doctor and your psychiatrist within the first 24 hours of your admission. The evaluations will be based on what was documented in your admission assessment, your nursing assessment and your talk with the doctor. It is very important that you give the doctor as much relevant information as possible to help him/her to make the best medical decision possible.


Also within the first 24 hours, your home medications will be verified. This process is mandated by regulatory agencies to insure that Alliance has the most accurate picture possible about your medication history. Your doctor may choose to hold current medication or delay new medication until this process is completed to insure there are no dangerous drug interactions. This process usually is completed within the first 24 hours but may take longer.


You will also have routine urine and blood lab test within the first 24 hours. This is to check your general health and to see if there are any conditions that have to be taken into account when prescribing some medications.


What to expect in the first 72 hours:


During the first 72 hours, your final treatment plan is completed. During this time your therapist will complete a psychosocial evaluation with you and will contact your family or anyone you identify as being supportive. They will also begin the process of discharge planning. Your treatment goals are based upon all the information gathered from you and your family, the reasons you identified for needing help and on the physician’s recommendations and diagnosis. The plan will also set the criteria for your discharge.


Your Treatment:


Your therapeutic treatment is composed of individualized medication management by the psychiatrist, group therapy conducted by nurses, therapist and recreational therapists and the therapeutic milieu maintained by the mental health techs (MHT). You are expected to participate not only in taking your medications but also by participating in the groups on the unit. There are 4 types of groups:

  • Community orientation group: Occurs each morning and evening and is run by the MHT. The purpose of this group is to keep you informed about the routine aspects of the unit, answer any questions your may have and to set your daily goal
  • Process group: Occurs at various times during the day depending on the unit schedule. It is run by a licensed master level therapist. The purpose of this group is to provide you with therapeutic education, coping skills, creating plans for remaining stable after discharge, and an opportunity to discuss your issues with others who may have experienced similar issues and have overcome the difficulty. During this group we will also talk about ways to keep yourself safe and stable when you return home.
  • Nursing Groups: Occur daily in the afternoon by a licensed nurse and focuses on medical, nutritional and medication issues. This is also a time where discharge planning is discussed.
  • Recreational/experiential groups: These groups are conducted twice a day by a certified therapeutic recreational specialist or other qualified staff. The purpose of the group is to provide you and opportunity to learn coping and leisure skills through recreational and experiential activities. These groups are times for having active fun and diverting your thoughts away from your worries.

Your treatment at Alliance is intended to be one step on your road to recovery and remaining stable. The groups are intended to offer you various ways to remain safe and stable when you return home. Your next step will be to follow up with your outpatient provider who will help you continue to feel better.




While we try to be as respectful as possible, the safety of everyone at Alliance comes first. You will be asked to allow us to search your belongings and your person when you are admitted. Experience has shown us that a mentally ill person, who is determined to hurt themselves, can be very creative in using seemingly safe items to harm themselves and/or others. As such, staff will use their knowledge and best judgment in deciding what has a potential to cause harm (see handbook for more information).


Staff will also keep a close eye on everyone and will “put eyes on” each individual a minimum of every 15 minutes. This may make you feel that you have little privacy but the intent is to keep everyone safe. Some patients will need closer observation such as having a staff member within arm’s reach at all times. This is usually a temporary precaution intended to give extra care to those who are most fragile.


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