What to Bring / What not to Bring

What to Bring

Given that we are a psychiatric and addiction hospital, any item that has potential of being used to harm oneself or someone else is prohibited.

  • Because laundry services are provided, bring 3 to 4 sets of comfortable clothing that are not overly revealing. Clothing must have no strings attached and no clothing allowed with inappropriate subject matter displayed.
  • Pajamas and robes (without belts or strings) are to be worn only inside patient rooms.
  • Bring comfortable, closed toe shoes with a back, for example, tennis shoes or loafers. Shoe laces will be removed, but an alternative will be provided. Shower shoes are permitted for shower use only. Please do not bring steel toed boots, sandals or other open toed shoes.
  • Jeans, slacks, t-shirts, shirts, dresses and undergarments (without strings or underwire).
  • While we do provide some institutional hygiene items, the only personal hygiene items that you need are  clear shampoo, conditioner, body wash in 8 oz. bottles and solid deodorant.
  • You can bring up to 20 one dollar bills for the vending machines in the cafeteria.  We cannot make change for bigger bills.
  • List of medications.  Please do not bring your medications unless you are coming to the New Leaf program.
  • Bring medical equipment such as a c-pap machine.
  • No sharp objects or electrical appliances such as razors or hair dryers are allowed.

What NOT to Bring 

  • Weapons of any kind, such as guns, mace/pepper spray, knives.
  • Purses and wallets are not allowed on the unit and should be sent home. If they cannot be sent home, items will be secured in a safe.
  • Illicit drugs or alcohol.
  • Any sharp objects, such as needles/straight pins or safety pins, pens/pencils, scissors, spiral notebooks, staples in paper, razors, clothes hangers, nail files, nail clippers, Q-tips.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush (these will be provided for you).
  • Powder, nail polish and mouth wash.
  • Items with strings or cords, irons, hair dryers, curling
  • Irons, clothes with draw strings, shoe laces or belts.
  • Electronic items with or without cords (unless required for medical equipment) such as MP3 players, video games, cell phones, cameras, clocks, electric toothbrushes and toys.
  • Clothing with drug or alcohol insignia, offensive language or insignia. No revealing clothing such as a low cut blouse or tight clothing. No shirts that expose the midriff.
  • Inappropriate reading material.
  • No glass bottle products containing alcohol, aerosol sprays (such as body spray, hair spray, spray deodorant), or mirrors
  • Jewelry except wedding bands and religious items.
  • No earrings or body piercing jewelry.
  • Cigarette lighters and matches.
  • Pillows, blankets or stuffed toys.
  • Picture frames with or without glass (you may keep the picture).
  • Food or beverages, no aluminum can drinks.

**Staff may use judgment on items not listed that may be potentially harmful.

Health Information: 

To obtain a copy of your medical records, complete and submit an Authorization to Use or Disclose PHI. Upon receipt of the request, the Health Information Department has up to 30 days to respond. Additionally, all physicians have up to 30 days after the discharge date to complete the medical record before it can be released. There is also a fee associated with copying medical records. You may request information pertaining to the cost in advance. For questions or assistance, please contact us at:

Health Information Department Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8 am- 5 pm (Closed on all Major Holidays)
Phone #: 601-581-9934      Fax #: 601-485-9810

Throughout the day your loved one will be asked to participate in several therapeutic activities that will focus on educating them on their mental illness, options for coping with life stresses, strategies to continue working on their issues after discharge, and medication management.  Alliance is one step on the road to making permanent changes in their lives to become happier and healthier.