Milestones Senior Adult Unit

Does your loved one have different personality traits and strange or different behaviors? As you watch the aging process in your senior, have you noticed something that isn’t quite right? Unusual forgetfulness? Not able to complete familiar tasks, such as cooking or paying bills? A loss of interest in hobbies? Anxious behavior or withdrawal from people, including you?

A complete evaluation of your senior
If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time for a geriatric evaluation of your loved one. While some of these actions are normal to the aging process, they may be also signs of dementia, depression, paranoia or hallucinations — perhaps leading to an inability to handle medications properly and generally take care of life.

Our facility offers a treatment program specifically for elderly individuals. It is important to maintain good mental health as a senior. Through diagnosis and evaluation, the staff at Alliance Health Center creates an in-depth profile of a patient’s history. The treatment team designs a comprehensive plan to provide maximum benefit to the patient, covering all aspects of care from prescribed medication and dietary recommendations to therapy and independent living skills.

You are a part of your senior’s plan
Family and social relationships are critical in helping your senior. Our treatment team educates you and your family on the aging process, their needs and goals.  We assist you in working through the challenges presented by these changes in your loved one and help you in making decisions on their future care.

Healing and recovery
We understand the anguish felt by families when a loved one has dementia, depression or other mental illnesses related to aging. Our dedicated team of psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, activity therapist, dietitians and counselors are here to help you with the challenges ahead and the hope of creating a better life for your senior.