Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program

The Substance Abuse IOP meets 3 times per week, day or evening. Patients meet with the psychiatrist one time per month. Patients attend four groups daily. The first group is Spirituality Group in which the patient learns the importance of developing a spiritual program of action in order to stay clean and sober. The second group is Self Exploration which enables the patient to explore the past and put closure on issues that could be a stumbling block to a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. The third group is Dual Diagnosis group which helps patients to understand co-occurring emotional disorders that sometimes accompany chemical dependency. The last group is Homework group, in which patients are required to complete a homework packet consisting of twelve step work and other essential assignments. Patients are required to complete homework at home and present this orally in the homework group.

The combination of the key factors to recovery that are presented in these groups give our patients the tools they need to begin a clean and sober lifestyle. Patients are required to attend AA or NA meeting each night in hopes that they will develop a lifetime habit of staying “plugged in” to recovery sources.